Creativity in Translation- “Can Poetry Be Translated?”

There are many caveats to the English language when it comes to translating poetry.

Today we explore how some translators find creative measures in the translation of poetry to English from any other language as well as the necessity of communicating a message using two languages as a reality for some cultures.

Now, imagine having to find creative measures such as these in a live setting while interpreting simultaneously. An interpreter doesn’t have the luxury of pondering on creative accuracy. An interpreter is constantly browsing throughout the mind’s thesaurus to quickly and accurately convey what a client is looking to convey.

Some may insist that it’s impossible to appropriately translate poetry from one language into another, but

“…poet and award-winning literary translator Aaron Coleman tells NPR’s Michel Martin that the impossibility of translation shouldn’t stop us from appreciating the art of the verse.”

This very short and entertaining read (or 4 minute listen) might just be the boost of brain food you need on this hump day.